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Calypso | Alpha |Ice Pack

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Calypso | Alpha |Ice Pack Empty Calypso | Alpha |Ice Pack

Post by Calypso on Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:09 am

Calypso | Alpha |Ice Pack Arctic_wolf_cub_by_furlined-d488nup

Meet Calypso~!

Name~ Calypso

Nick name~ Cally

Species~ Arctic Wolf

Age~ 2 years 2 months

gender~ Female

Your pack~ Ice Pack

Desired rank~ Beta

Rank~ Alpha

History~Calypso was born from a litter of six, 4 of the 6 died from a wolf attack, leaving her and her oldest brother Jet with their grieving mother and father, soon after a polar bear attacked both parents as we all went on a hunting trip. The pack had a temporary alpha, which was the beta until Solar Eclipse, Cole or calypso was of age but Cole soon grew sick. Calypso grew up  with her last sister and before too long she was old enough to take on the role of alpha. Calypso had went to the fire pack to take place as Alphaess due to their alphas dying in an attack. Calypso is a decedent of Alpha Goliath and Alpha Jet. 

personality~ { Curious \ Calculating \ Aware and alert when need be \ Intelligent \ Quick to make decisions \ Stubborn and sarcastic \ rude and blunt \ slightly flirtatious \ playful when wants to, serious when needs to be \ worriesome \ awkward }

Characteristics~ She's able to be identified by both the intimidating feeling she gives off and her unusual orbs.

crush~ heh.

Mate~ None

Pups~ None

Parents~ Deceased

Siblings~ All deceased except for Solar Eclipse

Fur color~ Her pelt is a pretty white color with spots holding a black ish color and a brown stripe from each eye reaching to just above her muzzle

Eye color~ Her right orb is a light blue, the left a shade of amber.

Strengths~ Is a quick thinker and is able to process a plan and put into action quickly

weaknesses~ Easily Distracted and seems to not have a filter for her mouth as she will say whatever comes to mind without a second thought.

secrets~ Psh... She is easily excited and isn't able to hold any secrets.


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Calypso | Alpha |Ice Pack Empty Re: Calypso | Alpha |Ice Pack

Post by Solar Eclipse on Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:19 am

Accepted!!! Congrats you are the official Alphaess of the fire pack!! I look forward to RPing with you! Feel free to come over to the ice pack whenever but ensure there's a howl in note to let the other Alphaess (me) aware Smile
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse

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