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Rise | Warrior | Ice Pack

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Rise | Warrior | Ice Pack Empty Rise | Warrior | Ice Pack

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 29, 2015 5:57 am

Name: Rise

Nickname: Cruel

Species: grey wolf

age: 7

Pack: Ice

Desired rank: already has

rank: Warrior

History: Rise was born from a litter of five as the youngest... smallest and the weakest.  She would sit back while her sister, Luna and her three brothers, Kiba, Valor, and Sitka would train beside their parents. as she was growing up, her siblings always got the best of her whenever it came to skills, they always came first.  when she turned four years old, her parents and siblings were murdered by an unknown pack. On the ground, blood running down her face from her eye, she laid there, watching the horror that was laid out in front of her. Now angry and hungry for revenge, she comes back anew and ready to kill anybody who dares to threaten her or those she promised to protect

Personality: Aggressive when needed/passionate/kind/courageous/brave/shy(at times)/ quiet

Crush: None

mate: None

Pups: None

Parents: Deceased

Siblings: Deceased

fur color: creamy white with black/grey ash like color overlaying

eye color: Beautiful Ember/blind in left eye

Strengths: Great focus-only focus's on the main  task at hand and does it quickly

weaknesses: hates to leave those who want to die behind- has extreme guilt by leaving others to die

secrets: none so far

others: ~~~

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Rise | Warrior | Ice Pack Empty Re: Rise | Warrior | Ice Pack

Post by Solar Eclipse on Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:01 am

Accepted, you can be warrior. You are free to rp. Go to ice pack territory (scroll down in index) and click icepack territory then RP at the top topic with my name on it! It should say ice pack campsite or click to the side on recent/latest topics it'll be the 2nd one Smile I would look at your bio for the brother sister thing you said four but including yourself there are 5 Smile
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