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Neytiri | huntress | Ice pack| updated Empty Neytiri | huntress | Ice pack| updated

Post by Neytiri on Sun Nov 29, 2015 5:55 pm

Name~ Neytiri

Nick name~ Ney

Species~ Northern Rocky mountains wolf

Age~ young adult 2 years old

gender~ female

Your pack~ ice pack

Desired rank~ lead Hunter and warrior

Rank~ Hunter

History~ Neytiri was the only pup of the alpha  couple even though she was loved and cherished by all who adored her. She loved playing with the other pups in the pack and because she was the only pup birthed by her alpha mother she had a duty to her pack but Neytiri didn't want to become alpha and rejected her birthright. So when Neytiri became 2 years old her alpha mother and father found out they got upset and forced her to become alpha and threw a grand celebration in honor of the of the new alpha but the day before the celebration Neytiri ran away from her homelands in search of a place where she can be herself and free.

personality~ caring, can be shy at times, beautiful, likes to play around and walk in the sunlight and nighttime while the moon is at its highest peak, loves pups.... Etc.

Characteristics~ likes to be myself and have fun but is serious at times when needed, can be aggressive at times mostly during hunts, challenging at times, revenge if needed, playful at times, generous, doesn't like others disrespecting others and will stand up against them,


Mate~None (wishes to have one)

Pups~ none (hopefully soon when I meet the right wolf)

Parents~ Jessabel (mother alpha) and Kodiak (father alpha)

Siblings~ none (only child of the alpha couple)

Fur color~ distinctively white with black and gold patches and throughout my coat

Eye color~ fiercely violet but at night changes to a snowy ice white color

Strengths~ strong fighter, great climber, likes to take risks even if they mean death upon her life, strategist, fast, cunning, great sense of smell, spot prey from miles away and from high above, likes challenges

weaknesses~ another wolf challenging me for ranks but will still stand and fight, injuries but will still fight no matter the consequences

secrets~ I'm have a.... secret that not a secret! So no secrets!

Others~  find out in rp!

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