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Shadow Feather | Omega | Ice pack {Updated Again}

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Shadow Feather | Omega | Ice pack {Updated Again} Empty Shadow Feather | Omega | Ice pack {Updated Again}

Post by Shadow Feather on Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:04 pm

Meet Shadow Feather ~

Name~ Shadow Feather

Nickname~ Shiraha

Species~ Canis Lupus,Grey Wolf

Age~ 2 and a half years

Gender~ Female

Your pack~ Ice Pack

Desired rank~ Baby Sitter, because of her firm passion of little pups.

Rank~ Omega

History~ Shadow Feather is very small, a runt of runts, and also has a curved area on her front left paw. She was therefore called a "malcadh, ”, the ancient wolf word for “cursed.” She was kicked out of her pack almost right after she was born, and was set out of the pack and left to die. Miraculously, a female bear by the name of Morag found her and raised her as her own, even though they were of a different species. Morag was sadly murdered by a mysterious pack of wolves, but Shadow Feather fled before they could even get close to her. She mourned Morag's death for many moons, but she had to learn the ways of the wild to survive. And that is exactly what she did.

Personality~ Shadow Feather is very shy and submissive. She likes to observe other wolves but when someone walks over to her she immediately runs off. Although she adores pups. She likes to play with them and nuzzle them as her own. She also loves nature as well, and a hobby of hers is to walk around randomly.

Characteristics~ Shadow Feather is very slim and unusually small for her size. It has been proven in her past that she was the runt of a group of other runts. Her fur is although a little long and her chest has a bit of fluff, and her tail also has some fluff as well. She also has long-ish side bangs that cover her left eye.

Crush~ The world will never know

Mate~ None, wants one badly, but who could ever love her?

Pups~ None, badly wants them

Parents~ Alpha Female, Mist moon, Alpha Male, Black Tail, both deceased Alphas of the Shadow Pack

Siblings~ Were still born and therefore unnamed

Fur color~ Jet black with slightly lighter underbelly and chest

Eye color~ Beautiful ocean blue with icy, crystal blue speckles in an ancient pattern

Strengths~ Her speed is almost alien, and she could easily outrun a horse if needed. Her stamina is extremely high as well, for she could keep up that speed for days on end. And her intelligence is highly noticable. She knows languages of other animals, and bear is a ease

Weaknesses~ With all of her perks, Shadow Feather's strength is pathetic. A full-force blow from her could hardly tickle a wolf. And, adding on to that, she is obviously extremely introverted, you could hardly get a mumble out of her.

Secrets~ She has a strikingly and unexpected kind and outgoing side to her under all of the shyness, although its on of the hardest things to get it out of her. And she wouldn't ever tell anyone her crush, and a tiny secret of hers is what her eyes look like, you cant see her left eye because of her huge left side bang, and the right one she always has closed.

Shadow Feather
Shadow Feather

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