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Steadfast| Warrior | Ice pack

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Steadfast| Warrior | Ice pack Empty Steadfast| Warrior | Ice pack

Post by Steadfast on Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:46 pm

Name~ Steadfast

Nick name~ No nickname

Species~ Grey wolf

Age~ 2 Years

gender~ Female

Your pack~ Ice pack

Desired rank~ Warrior

Rank~ Not ranked yet

History~ Steadfast was born in the Timber region. A horrible forest fire burned through the territory, separating her from her pack. When she eventually caught up with her pack half were killed including her parents and siblings, and the survivors took over the pack and chased her off. She learned to survive during the long journey from the forest to the Arctic. She loved the Arctic, because it was cold, barren, and lonely. Just like her heart.

personality~ Once I get used to my pack I'm friendly, and I act crazy around the more serious wolves to get them to lighten up, but I'm very serious when I have to be.

Characteristics~ Loyalty is my strongest characteristic, plus I'm friendly and sometimes aggressive.

crush~ No

Mate~ No, but maybe someone can learn to love me.

Pups~ No

Parents~ Burned to death

Siblings~ Burned to death

Fur color~ Pure white, with brown and grey highlights.

Eye color~ Blue

Strengths~ My intelligence, and my sixth sense.

weaknesses~ I often have a bad temper, especially when I meet new wolves.

secrets~ I'm the one that started the forest fire.... Just kidding! I have no secrets.


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Steadfast| Warrior | Ice pack Empty Re: Steadfast| Warrior | Ice pack

Post by Solar Eclipse on Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:48 pm

Accepted congrats and welcome to the fire pack, calypso is your alpha!! I look forward to RPing with you
Solar Eclipse
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