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Clyde -Beta and Warrior- Ice Pack

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Clyde -Beta and Warrior- Ice Pack Empty Clyde -Beta and Warrior- Ice Pack

Post by Clyde on Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:43 pm

Meet Clyde!

Nickname~ Kill Show

Species~ Canis lupus baileyi (Eastern Timber Wolf)

Age~ 2 and half years

Gender~ Male

pack~ Ice Pack

Desired rank~ Beta and Warrior

Rank~ Alpha and Warrior

History~ When Clyde was 3 months old, his pack got attacked by hunters. Clyde was never found by the humans. As he realized his family had passed, he wandered the land struggling for survival. He learned how to hunt and protect himself all by himself. As he grew up into a young adult, Clyde's structure was almost double a regular males size. Clyde soon ran into his sister Raven a year after the hunter's attacked his family. Later that day after running into his sister. Clyde was caught by a group of poachers. After a week he escaped, he left with a bullet wound on his right shoulder, torn left ear, and a slash across his chest. Couple days after his escape he stumbled in the Fire pack territory, and soon enough he was accepted and became Alpha and Warrior.

personality~ Protective, sarcastic, loving, brave, and fearless

Characteristics~ Torn left ear, slash across chest, and bullet wound on right shoulder. Creative and productive hunter. Massive structure. Gold eyes that go red when angry.

crush~ Maybee

Mate~ none

Pups~ none

Parents~  killed by hunters

Siblings~ Sister Raven

Fur color~ Black, grey line down spine, and grey specks on paws and chest

Eye color~ Gold, turns red when angry

Strengths~ hunting, fighting

weaknesses~ medicine

secrets~ none I am an open book Smile

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Clyde -Beta and Warrior- Ice Pack Empty Re: Clyde -Beta and Warrior- Ice Pack

Post by Solar Eclipse on Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:54 pm

Accepted!!! Very well written! Welcome to the fire pack!!
Solar Eclipse
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