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Karnak | Warrior | Ice Pack

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Karnak | Warrior | Ice Pack Empty Karnak | Warrior | Ice Pack

Post by Karnak on Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:23 pm

Meet Karnak ~

Name~ Karnak

Nick name~ Kar

Species~ Gray Wolf

Age~ 3 years, 4 months

Gender~ Male

Your pack~ Ice Pack

Desired rank~ Warrior

Rank~ Unranked

History~ Karnak was brought up in a large pack located in Northern territory. The area was dense and filled with wildlife, as well as rival packs seeking to take over and claim the territory that Karnak and his pack resided in. After many skirmishes with other packs and internal conflict within their own, the pack that had claimed the Northern lands was no more. The wolves dispersed and spread across the lands, most becoming loners with no place to call home. Karnak, having lost his pack and family, travelled farther north on his own. After two years of solitary wandering, Karnak laid eyes upon a new place to finally settle down in.

Personality~ Karnak is serious wolf, due to the conflict he was born into, that prioritizes himself over the pack as pack ways were a lost memory that needed to be rekindled. Often times found sitting alone, Karnak observes and listens and always maintains a sharp intellect paired with a very observant and analytical view. Karnak only speaks when need be, though this is not due to introvertedness, he is simply withdrawn. Though reclusive, Karnak is not a harsh soul, but instead values the ties of friendship.

Characteristics~ Tall and robust wolf. Has two thin scars running across muzzle, reasons unrevealed.

Crush~ Possibly

Mate~ None

Pups~ None

Parents~ Alpha male and female, deceased.

Siblings~ Four siblings, deceased.

Fur color~ Dark ashen color with slight silver underbelly and throat.

Eye color~ Pale silver eyes.

Strengths~ Strong and durable. Very reliable and trustworthy.

Weaknesses~ Distant relationship with pack members that may affect cooperation. Built for strength and quick take downs, has stamina but not speed.

Secrets~ Past

**Distance in relationship with pack can be worked on within rp to be later replaced by different traits**

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Karnak | Warrior | Ice Pack Empty Re: Karnak | Warrior | Ice Pack

Post by Solar Eclipse on Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:52 am

Accepted!!! Welcome to the pack yo have bern given the role Warrior please stsrt your rp withing the ice pack territory! Thank you for joining the ice pack! I sm youre alphaess, solar eclipse. There is currently no male alpha so bare with solar for fun and adventures, and dangers await! Smile
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse

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