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Colt | Not Ranked | Ice Pack Empty Colt | Not Ranked | Ice Pack

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 05, 2015 3:16 pm

Meet Colt

Nick name~ None

Species~ Canis lupus lupus(Eurasian wolf)

Age~ 2 Years

Gender~ Male

Pack~ Ice

Desired rank~ Warrior

Rank~ Not yet ranked

History~ Colt grew up in a small pack of 4, composed of his 3 siblings and mother. His father had abandoned them upon realizing that food supplies had began to dwindle and he could no longer feed a family of 5. Colt didn't resent his father however, he understood and seemed to inherit a strong survival instinct from him, this same survival instinct allowed him to leave his dying mother without a second thought at a young age. He doesn't know where his siblings are, or even if they're alive, the last time he saw them they were curled up next to their mothers corpse sobbing. After going off on his own he roamed the land for a while, scavenging off scraps until he could hunt for himself. Eventually once he was grown he took it upon himself to seek out a pack for safety in numbers and came across the Fire Pack which he then joined.

Personality~ Laid back, Calm, Composed, Doesn't get attached to others easily, Straight-forward, Can sometimes come off as harsh or uncaring, Protective. Fairly intelligent though others often think otherwise because giant brutes like himself don't tend to use their brains. Able to make quick and hard decisions easily, which helps him greatly but he becomes very unfeeling and cold when making them. Follows orders to the T even if they inconvenience him or he doesn't agree with the order.

Characteristics~ Very large body structure, Tall, Tends not to talk much unless spoken too, His size can give off a very intimidating presence. The fur around his neck is very thick, He has a large head and paws, often compared to a bear. He has a scar on his left shoulder and one across his muzzle as well as some scrapes on his back right paw from when he got it caught in some barbed wire.

Crush~ None

Mate~ None

Pups~ None

Parents~ Mother(Deceased), Father(Location unknown).

Siblings~ 3 Sisters(Unknown)

Fur color~ A mottled russet color made up of black, dark red, different shades of brown, tan, cream and off white.

Eye color~ A light green mixed with brown

Strengths~ Very powerful and large. Very straight-forward and hard working. Contrary to his size hes pretty fast as he uses his brute strength and muscles to travel long distances in short times. Not good around pups or small animals.

Weaknesses~ Extremely hard to hide his large body making it hard for him to hunt during the day. Can say insensitive or harsh things without realizing it.

Secrets~ He dislikes talking about his past as people would get the wrong idea if he said he left his siblings and dying mother behind.


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Colt | Not Ranked | Ice Pack Empty Re: Colt | Not Ranked | Ice Pack

Post by Calypso on Sat Dec 05, 2015 8:22 pm

Accepted, Welcome to the FirePack! Have fun rping!

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