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Alucard / Warrior / Ice Pack

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Alucard / Warrior / Ice Pack Empty Alucard / Warrior / Ice Pack

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 16, 2015 12:46 am

Wolf Name~ Alucard

Nickname~ None

Species~ Canis lupis nubilus mixed with Canis lupis arabs ( Buffalo wolf with arabian wolf )

Age~ 3 year

Gender~ Male

Pack~ Ice Pack

Desired Rank~ Alpha

Rank~ Warrior

History~ Born in captivity the young pup never fit in with the other wolves. He was picked on by the other wolves for being the weakest in the zoo. He longed to be free, to roam the wilderness he heard so many stories about. When he was one and a half years old the humans released him into the wild. The young wolf did not know how to hunt much less find shelter but he always kept his head held high and conquered all obstacles in his path. After about a year he is no longer the weak runt he once was and sets off to find a pack. He then finds the Fire Pack.

Personality~ Serious, determined, headstrong, can sometimes be stubborn, has a willingness to die for what he believes in, very curious sometimes to a fault, and is a very analytical thinker.

Characteristics~ Has a torn ear, large with average build.
Crush~ none

Mate~ none

Pups~ none

Parents~ Father was a buffalo wolf named Azazel and the Mother was an arabian wolf named Akilah

Siblings~ none

Fur Color~ All Black

Eye Color~ One is a sky blue while the other is a blood red

Strengths~ Can see an enemy's weakness whether physical or mental. Very intelligent. Has a fair amount of strength

Weakness~ Can be very stubborn, short tempered, dosn't like to ask for help


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Alucard / Warrior / Ice Pack Empty Re: Alucard / Warrior / Ice Pack

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 16, 2015 12:49 am

Approved. Welcome Alucard, hope you enjoy the rp.


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