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Echo | Hunter |  Ice pack Empty Echo | Hunter | Ice pack

Post by Echo on Mon Dec 21, 2015 12:48 am

Meet Echo
Name~ Echo

Nick name~ Lou

Species~ Canis lupus arctos/canis lupus (arctic wolf/tundra wolf)

Age~2 years old

gender~ Female

Your pack~ Ice pack

Desired rank~ Beta

Rank~ Beta

History~ Echo was raised in the mountains with her brothers.  She was an orphan who enjoyed to venture off frequently.  When she turned one, she left her known family to find a new pack.

personality~ Echo has a sweet disposition and likes to joke around a lot.  She is very outgoing and loves to explore.

Characteristics~ She has a bright white pelt with a darker grey on the top.  All four of her paws are a dark grey and she has a slightly torn left ear.

crush~ none yet

Mate~ none

Pups~ none

Parents~ not known

Siblings~ deceased

Fur color~ Mainly white with some darker grey surrounding her face, back, and paws

Eye color~ blue with soft emerald flecks.  She has a brown spot, almost like a freckle in her right eye.

Strengths~ She has a great bite and can latch on to mostly anything.  Her scent is amazing and can pick out prey from a distance.

weaknesses~ She tends to look out for others rather than herself.  Sometimes this can get her into trouble when in battle.

secrets~ Some secrets are better unsaid o.o

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Echo | Hunter |  Ice pack Empty Re: Echo | Hunter | Ice pack

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 21, 2015 12:58 am

Been approved. Have fun Wink go to arctic mountains in the ice pack territory and start rping.


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