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White Wing | Not Ranked | Ice Pack EmptyTue Apr 12, 2016 11:04 am by Soma

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White Wing | Not Ranked | Ice Pack

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White Wing | Not Ranked | Ice Pack Empty White Wing | Not Ranked | Ice Pack

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 02, 2016 5:36 am

Meet White Wing (Or White for Short)
                                        Nick Name~ Killer

                                        Species~ Gray Wolf

                                        Age~ 2 Years In A Half

                                        Gender~ Male

                                        Pack~ Ice

                                        Desired Rank~ Warrior

                                        Rank~ None, Yet

                                        History~ White Wing was born in his family pack, with only 3 siblings counting him as the fourth pup. He was the youngest one, so he was bullied by his siblings, but he didn't really care since he didn't really know what they were doing. There was only one sibling, his only sister, that would actually NEVER bully him. White would always play fight with her. A few months later there was a massive blizzard, almost 5 feet tall. Once it came he was to late to hide in the rocky den so he become covered, head to paw, of freezing snow. He dug his way out, since he was light as a feather well, that's what his mother always told him, he wouldn't sink into the snow but only when he stood in one spot. He ran around, looking for his family but he didn't know they were stuck inside the den. He stayed in his family territory for a few weeks as a scavenger but as a pup. He decided too leave his family territory, hoping they left, looking for him. He was used to the freezing cold weather but didn't like snow. He left the territory and grew up, alone. His history continues here.
                                         Personality~ Calm, Courageous, Protective, Helpful, Thoughtful, Selfless, Intelligent, Follows Orders, Can Be Very Aggressive If Needed, Kind-Hearted.

                                         Characteristics~ Tall, His Coat is White and Black, Thick Coat, Has a Scar on his Right Eye, Two Scars on his Side, Brown Eyes, Midnight Black Nose, Long Tail, Under his Tail is Mostly Black, Inside his Ears are Fully White.

                                         Crush~ None, Yet.

                                         Mate~ None, Yet.

                                         Pups~ None, Yet.

                                         Parents~ Maybe Dead, Maybe Looking for White.

                                         Siblings~ 2 Brothers, One Sister.

                                         Fur Color~ Some Black, Some White, Some Gray.

                                         Strengths~ Very strong/powerful, hardworking, Swift, Can't fully see muscles because of thick coat, Great Around Pups.

                                         Weaknesses~ Hard to Hide Because of his Multi Colors, Can say extremely harsh words when to aggressive.

                                         Secrets~ Never Talks About His Past But Only To Trustful Pack Members.

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White Wing | Not Ranked | Ice Pack Empty Re: White Wing | Not Ranked | Ice Pack

Post by Calypso on Sat Jan 02, 2016 6:03 am

Approved! You're now a warrior of the FirePack. Have fun roleplaying!

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