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Nanook | Gamma | Ice Pack

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Nanook | Gamma | Ice Pack Empty Nanook | Gamma | Ice Pack

Post by Nanook on Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:49 pm

|  Nanook  |

| Vitals |
Malea canine of paternal instinct
3 years oldbeginning his prime
Canis lupus occidentalisMackenzie Valley Wolf
Gammaa solo pack ambassador
Lead Huntera luminary for organized survival
Ice packan enduring Antarctic pack
Alpha Malethe rank he desires

| History |
To anyone but him, Nanook's past is shrouded in obscurity and the details that carried him assiduously during that protracted quantity of time are arcane, unknown to even the all-knowing elders of the Antarctic region. His intricate previous endeavors aren't his proudest moments, but are his darkest hours, perhaps. He won't tell.

| Psychological Attributes |

| Appearance |
Posture ~ Lean and athletic; mercurial form and gait
Pelt ~ an oeuvre of olive beige and obsidian
Eyes ~ diluted verdigris, peridot

Height ~ 42 in at shoulder
Weight ~ 196 lb

| Strengths |
| Weaknesses |

| Other |
No crush
No mate
Unknown parents
Potential siblings
Secrets are secrets for a reason

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Nanook | Gamma | Ice Pack Empty Re: Nanook | Gamma | Ice Pack

Post by Solar Eclipse on Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:02 am

accepted!!! I love your profile!! Thank you for joining! I am your Alphaess, Solar Eclipse. join the RP when youre ready!!
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse

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Mate: nope >.

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