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Channing | no rank | ice pack

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Channing | no rank | ice pack Empty Channing | no rank | ice pack

Post by Channing on Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:15 am

Name~ Channing

Nick name~ Chan

Species~ canis lupus lycaon/canis lupus nubilus

Age~ 2 years

gender~ male

pack~ ice pack

Desired rank~ beta or alpha

Rank~ none

History~ Channing was raised in a large pack and was loved by everyone.  He was next in line to be alpha before drama unleashed throughout the pack, pulling them all apart.  He decided it would be better for him to move on and start fresh as he began looking for a new pack.

personality~ He is a very intelligent wolf who has a great sense of humor and has a sweet, charming disposition. He tends to be more hostile towards strangers because of troubles in his old pack but is very generous and caring towards his friends/family.

Characteristics~ Channing has a slight limp in his right hind leg from a past battle and the tip of his tail has a slight bend in it.  

crush~ none yet

Mate~ none yet

Pups~ none yet

Parents~ Alreich and Amethyst

Siblings~ Zamir, Axenus, Heather

Fur color~ He has a more dark pelt that changes from lighter to darker depending on the season.  His muzzle is more of a soft caramel color that wisps through his pelt.

Eye color~ a hazel like color with gold flakes and amber wisps that exit from the pupil.

Strengths~ Channing has incredible stamina and is a master of stealth.  He is able to go on many tricky missions because of his ability to blend.

weaknesses~ His right hind leg can get in the way sometimes because of a past injury.

secrets~ some would rather not want to know

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Channing | no rank | ice pack Empty Re: Channing | no rank | ice pack

Post by Solar Eclipse on Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:50 am

accepted, you are going to be ranked as a scout, you will be going on secret missions on occasion and whatever Solar (myself) tells you to go on missions and stuff, welcome to the pack!
Solar Eclipse
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