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how the plot ended

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how the plot ended Empty how the plot ended

Post by Solar Eclipse on Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:30 am

What Has happen for the first plot....

Pack members had Found wolf tracks in the ice territory around Pine mountain. Solar found it to be Shatter, an old enemy to both the ice and fire pack. (Which is now just the ice pack) She met Shatter in the process. He attacked her giving her a warning that he has a wolf army to finish what he started, to destroy the ice pack once and for all. She meet with the high ranks (alphas, betas, deltas) and they all made a plan to train and get strong so they defeat Shatters pack.

They then soon travel to Arctic mountains, to hide out and get ready for the battle in two months. During this time everyone begins training and planning. Some of the training turns brutal fights. Fog and shadow, went on a scout mission to find any information possible that help the fight against Shatter. They found out their hide out was in fact in Pine forest and that he had 35 wolves behind his back. Also they learned that the pack didn't cooperate well together. To use that as their advantage they formed tight groups to watch each others back. Those groups are in the ice pack, Solar, Fog, and Neytiri as first group, second group in ice pack are Karnak, Amber, and Shadow, then rise be a solo and back up in case one of them goes down, Clyde, Calypso, and Soldier, then Gany, Alucard, and Atlas. A tragedy happens, a mother in the ice pack died from a serious illness and leaving three pups, Blaze, Kato, and Yukio as orpans. Solar and Fog decided to take them in as their own. Also Karnak and Neytiri finds a ugly sight of deer carcass torn apart for fun not for food. They were getting closer to their campsite. 

Two months has past and the wolves are much stronger. Only four days before the battle, they begin to devise a plan to take down Shatter. They decided an ambush would be best, using his hate for the two sisters calypso and Solar Eclipse as bait to lead them to a ridge where the two alpha males gives the signal to jump on them. The only problem with this plan was Solar being pregnant with Fog's pups and heirs. Stubborn as she is, Solar refuse to stay behind wanting to help.

As the fight came, the pack was brutally injured, Solar went through a very long battle against Shatter ending it with Shatters death, defeating the pack. Solar soon passed out and the pack later found out Fog (their male alpha) was killed in a attack by a trio of wolves. During Solar's encounter with Shatter he killed Solar's unborn pups leaving Solar to grieve her lose, the pack has minor injuries but no one else would die. Solar refused to let her mental physical and emotional pain effect her rank and potentially give reason for another pack member to challenge her. Solar stays strong and refuses to show weakness no matter how much she was hurting. She wouldn't have it. She is becoming stronger as she hides her pain, becoming more determined to be the best alpha she can be as a lone alpha to her pack. Her plan is to let everyone rest before traveling back home. To the heart of their territory once again.
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