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Yuki || Pup || IcePack

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Yuki || Pup || IcePack Empty Yuki || Pup || IcePack

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:16 am

"Be stubborn about your goals, be flexible about your methods."

Name: Yuki
Alias: N/A

Gray wolf || Female || 4 months ||
Pup || IcePack

Birth mother [unknown]
Solar Eclipse [adoptive mother]
Fog [adoptive father]
Blaze [brother]
Kato [brother]

Fur color: Covering most of the body is a faded fallow hue while covering the upper body with a more sepia brown tone, both blending into each other to create a small clash of the colors.

Anatomy: Small for her age, she has a slender and lithe frame that shows promises of swiftness.

Eye color: The eyes are tinted with a olive-gray hue, a black ring around the rim.

+ Traits: Smart, considerate, curious, & adventurous
/ Traits: Stubborn, clever, shy (at times) & independent
- Traits: Defensive, mischievous, bold, & ambitious

Strengths: Endurance, sense of smell, stealth, hearing, flexibility, & tracking
Weaknesses: Most things involved with brute strength

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Yuki || Pup || IcePack Empty Re: Yuki || Pup || IcePack

Post by Solar Eclipse on Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:26 am

accepted!! welcome to the pack little pup, please post in the arctic mountains, solar is with you pups.
Solar Eclipse
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