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Bramble | Not Ranked | Ice Pack

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Bramble | Not Ranked | Ice Pack Empty Bramble | Not Ranked | Ice Pack

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 06, 2016 10:23 pm

Name ~ Bramble

Nick name ~ None

Species ~ Grey Wolf

Age ~ 3

gender ~ Male

Your pack ~ Fire Pack

Desired rank ~ Beta

Rank ~ None

History ~ Bramble was born in a remote part of the forest. His parents being the Alphas of the pack. As a pup he had two other siblings by the names of Vera, and Nava. Bramble was always competing for the title of Alpha with his sister Vera, as she was supposed to take their mothers place. Bramble saw that there was something in her that made every wolf in the pack cower when she was near, and he saw that as a trait that was bad for an Alpha to have. After many struggles to get his sister to back down from her position as Alpha, a fight broke out. Vera had tried killing him for the sake of shutting him up. He ended up losing, as he did not want to hurt his sister. He was exiled from the pack, sent to walk the earth alone, but he did not end his mission there. He wanted the wolves of his pack to be happy, as they were his family, so he stayed on the outskirts of the territory. After a year pasted, he went back, challenging his sisters mate for his position as Alpha. If her mate were to lose, then Vera would be exiled, and kept from the pack. Bramble had won this fight, sending Vera away with her tail between her legs, and her mate trying to comfort her. After a month with the pack, he handed them over to his younger sister Nava, seeing that she was more worthy of the title than he would be, and headed out in search of a new life that was not stained with so much blood.

personality ~ Calm, trustworthy, loyal, kind & protective.

Characteristics ~ The first thing that other wolves notice about him is his size. Bramble's multi-brown and grey fur is very soft, thick and fluffy. When his hackles are raised, he looks larger than he already is. His build is muscular, masculine, and mighty. His powerful stride shows his great strength, and he has a quiet grace and composure about him. Ever since his fight with his sisters mate, he has a remaining scar over his shoulder.

crush ~ None

Mate ~ None

Pups ~ None

Parents ~ Deceased

Siblings ~ Vera & Nava

Fur color ~ His underbelly and down his legs his fur is white. On his outer thighs, over his sides, underside of his tail and on his chest is a light beige color. His fur around his neck, back, head, and upper part of his tail is mixtures of predominantly dark grey, white, and some of golden brown color.

Eye color ~ Light amber

Strengths ~ Powerful, uses his size against bigger animals, doing what is right, he does not tolerate disobedience from wolves that are not of high ranking, has high intellect and tactical skills, he is also fair and merciful.

weaknesses ~ Cannot bear seeing those close to him hurt, he isn't the fastest wolf due to his large mass, therefore detests hunting small animals.

secrets ~ None

Others ~ Rest in RP

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Bramble | Not Ranked | Ice Pack Empty Re: Bramble | Not Ranked | Ice Pack

Post by Solar Eclipse on Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:12 am

approved, please make sure you change the pack to ice pack and such there is only one pack now due to inactivity. please post in the arctic mountains.
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