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Kaleedah l Loner for now l redo XD

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Kaleedah l Loner for now l redo XD

Post by Kaleedah on Wed Feb 10, 2016 2:00 am

Meet Kaleedah ~
Name~ Kaleedah

Nick name~ Kal

Species~ Artic wolf mix

Age~ 14 (bad at dog yrs so going with human yrs don't judge me)

gender~ Female

Your pack~ Looking for one in the rp she finds icepack

Desired rank~ Scout

Rank~ no rank yet

History~ she was kicked out of her old pack it was a husky pack she was mixed with her father, a artic wolf her father was evil she lives on as a loner she is soon to find Icepack will she join?

personality~ Aggressive most of the time nice half of the time not much of a open book

Characteristics~ small with white fur and grey fur in her ears amber eyes



Pups~ non

Parents~ not sure if dead or alive

Siblings~ non

Fur color~ white as snow

Eye color~ amber

Strengths~ speed sight sound

weaknesses~ the dark being kicked out again
secrets~ like in the personality she is not much of a open book don't trust her with keeping secrets

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