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Solar Eclipse | Alpha | Ice pack

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Solar Eclipse | Alpha | Ice pack Empty Solar Eclipse | Alpha | Ice pack

Post by Solar Eclipse on Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:51 pm

Meet Solar Eclipse!

Name~ Solar Eclipse

Nick name~ Solar or Alpha (ehich most call her Alpha or alpha solar)

Species~  Arctic wolf

Age. 2  and 1/2 years

gender~ female

Pack ~ Ice Pack

Desired rank~ Alpha

Rank~ Alpha

History~ Solar Eclipse was born from a litter of six, 4 of the 6 died from a wolf attack, leaving her and her oldest brother Jet with their grieving mother and father, soon after a polar bear attacked both parents as we all went on a hunting trip. The pack had a temporary alpha, which was the beta until Solar Eclipse, Cole or calypso was of age but Cole soon grew sick. Solar grew up  with her last sister and before too long she was old enough to take on the role of alpha. Calypso had went to the fire pack to take place as Alphaess due to their alphas dying in an attack.  Solar was now a beautiful young Alphaess who was a decedent of Alpha Goliath and Alpha Jet. Solar gets to chose the new Male alpha, but will she make the right choice?

personality~ Solar Eclipse is a very stubborn female, she is open minded but over all Nice at least to her pack if she puts her mind to something she won't stop until its for filled.  She has a very vicious side to her if she gets angered she can be rash, don't get on her bad side and that won't happen. Be loyal to her and she will be loyal to you.

Characteristics~ scars all over her mainly on her face, having a large scar across her right eye to her muzzle from a fight from an intruder. To protect her pack.


Mate~ No

Pups~ No

Parents~ deceased

Siblings~ all are deceased except Calypso

Fur color~ white with a tint of black/grey

Eye color~ a beautiful sea greenish blue

Strengths~ speed, hearing, sight, experience, fighting ability, long line of Alpha blood flows through her

weaknesses~ being the only Alpha

secrets~ she is secretly... VOLDEMORT

Others~ find out in RP
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse

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