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The Story Where it All Began

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The Story Where it All Began

Post by Solar Eclipse on Sat Nov 28, 2015 11:44 pm

The Story of how the Ice and Fire Pack became part of Society.

400 years ago. There was a family of wolves, ancestors of the first wolves ever on this planet, a litter of 2 with a mother and father, they were the remaining wolves of a long forgotten pack, The glory pack which was all killed off except the remaining 4 by a horrible fire. The two pups, brothers were named Goliath, he was a grey and brown, he grew into a large wolf his paws were massive, and his brother, Jet who was a black and grey wolf just like his mother, the two grew up constantly on. The run from predators and roaming wolf packs, they played and we're inseparable until one day, jet had fallen through ice while walking over a patch of ice, he was struggling to get out of the icy water Nala and Cringer were quick to run to the otherness year old jets rescue, but when they got him out they fell to their death. Goliath couldn't get there in time, so it was just Jet and Goliath all on their own. They roamed, and grew stronger, bigger, more ruthless. As they grew they had followers, of rogue wolves looking for a pack, soon the had the largest pack, but the thing was they couldn't both be alphas of the same pack. One had to lead the other couldnt. Goliath and jet fought a bloody battle, soon it became clear the eldest brother, Goliath was stronger and better. Jet was furious and left, those who followed him left with him, including a female he was quite close to, Goliath himself had a female who was expecting,   and both packs quickly grew in size to be the largest packs in antartica. that was the start of the separated pack of fire and ice. Goliath, alpha of fire, and Jet the alpha of ice. After several generations, they became to be allies, for the Alphas of those packs were related.after many generations there was peace but still packs were divided, will the peace continue or will the fate decinagrate between the two packs.

Which pack will YOU chose, and what will your fate be? Join today at www.
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