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Hisashi | Babysitter | IcePack

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Hisashi | Babysitter | IcePack Empty Hisashi | Babysitter | IcePack

Post by Hisashi on Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:29 pm

Meet Hisashi:

Name~ Hisashi

Nickname~ N/A

Species~ Wolf Dog

Age~ Two years

Gender~ Male

Your pack~ IcePack

Desired rank~ Babysitter

Rank~ Babysitter (I think)

History~ Hisashi was the runt of a litter of five, but was never ridiculed for it, instead he was constantly made fun of for his strange antic of collecting things like jewels and befriending creatures out of his race. Being rather of a pushover Hisashi would often allow himself to be teased, and over time became less and less expressive. He grew duller in emotions to the point to where it seemed that he was nothing more than a hollow shell. When he grew to be one year old his inner hatred for those who teased him one day got to him, yet he did not consult in violence. He left his small family instead of being violent, though only returns so often to see one of his younger siblings from his litter, Ryoma, who had been the only kind sibling he had. Ryoma often follows his, though shorter, older brother on occasions to a certain point, it always cheered Hisashi up though he didn't show it. Hisashi is not fond of or timid around wolves of any kind that are mature, he finds more comfort in younger beings, such as the pups. Over his past year to the present day he often is seen near shadowed areas, feeling safe in the dark as he wanders aimlessly through, scavenging or just playing games with befriended animals.

Personality~ Very limited, but will show his inner cheerful attitude when comfortable. Often has a blank expression or neutral. Slightest emotions include very light smiles or grins. Bigger emotions usually involve playful gestures and abnormal behavior from his usual blank attitude, only broken if an unfamiliar force is around or he is embarrassed by his out of character act.

Characteristics~  Faded eyes and none dialating pupils due to blindness. Longer tail than most wolves due to being a wolf dog. Medium sized paws. Slightly slender like body.

Crush~ N/A

Mate~ N/A

Pups~ N/A

Parents~ Unknown

Siblings~ Unknown besides Ryoma

Fur color~ Sleek black with tints of white markings elegantly along 90% of body excluding underside and legs. White around eyes with a medium toned red coloring seeming to outline eyes. White socks on all legs that nearly cover whole leg yet are two inches away from being so.

Eye color~ Metallic silver

Strengths~ Tolerance/ patience, stealth, hyperactive other senses from blindness. (Not sure if anything else.)

Weaknesses~ Ridicule, older or same aged wolves, yelling/ loud noises (Not sure)

Secrets~ Has mild D.I.D, very sensitive (Maybe more)

Others~  N/A (At the moment)

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Hisashi | Babysitter | IcePack Empty Re: Hisashi | Babysitter | IcePack

Post by Solar Eclipse on Mon Feb 15, 2016 8:09 pm

Accepted! I'd much prefer it be if you were already apart of the pack, you could be accepted as babysitter  (make sure to read the rules) you may now rp in the ice pack campsite make sure it's long like most of the others. Welcome to the Pack!
Solar Eclipse
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