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Amber-Lead Scout/Babysitter-Ice Pack {Updated c:}

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Amber-Lead Scout/Babysitter-Ice Pack {Updated c:} Empty Amber-Lead Scout/Babysitter-Ice Pack {Updated c:}

Post by Amberrose on Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:32 am

Meet Amber~

Amber-Lead Scout/Babysitter-Ice Pack {Updated c:} Rsz_1p10

Name: Amber

Nickname: *shrugs*

WQ name: Hollowz

Species: Red Wolf

Age: 2 years, 6 months

Your Pack: Ice Pack

Desired Rank: Obtained

Rank: Lead Scout/ Babysitter

History: Amber was born into a small but powerful pack in a mountainous area. Both of her parents were lead hunters and were strong and built up. When Amber was born along with her brother (who also grew up to be strong and built) it was to her parents' surprise how small she was. Amber went through all the same training as the other pups but never excelled in hunting or fighting. But for what Amber lacked in strength she made up for in kindness, beauty and intelligence. Amber decided that she didn't belong in the brute-like pack and left to take her intelligence elsewhere. She managed to survive as a loner for the time that she did by outwitting her prey and threats. She was then confronted by a wolf from the Ice pack whilst in the wild and decided to join the Ice pack.

Personality: Amber is a very kind and quiet wolf. She is more silently intelligent rather than open and cocky. She also has a beautiful reddish brown coat where she gets her name from. She has a particular love for nature and raising pups. She always helped with the younger ones in her old pack because of her failure at hunting and fighting. Amber is very agile and good at climbing because of her life in the mountains. Amber also tends to sit idly watching life pass by but is generally optimistic. She is also good at conversation and enjoys the company of other wolves.

Characteristics: Amber is a very small wolf that is quite skinny but very symmetrical despite. One part of her ear is missing due to an assault by another wolf while she was lone.

Crush: Could obtain one

Mate: None

Pups: None

Parents: Cako and Akita of mountain pack (unable to be located)

Siblings: Myrikar (brother, unable to be located)

Fur Color: Reddish Brown with white underbelly. Her ears also a darker red color at the tips.

Eye Color: Golden

Strengths: Caring, intelligent, witty, agile, can run long distances

Weaknesses: Weakish, unreliable hunter, can be submissive due to overruling loners from the past

Secrets: not really. Quite an open book Very Happy

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Amber-Lead Scout/Babysitter-Ice Pack {Updated c:} Empty Re: Amber-Lead Scout/Babysitter-Ice Pack {Updated c:}

Post by Solar Eclipse on Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:55 pm

Accepted, you will be put as a mentor and a babysitter! Please post in the Arctic mountains in the ice pack territory.
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse

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